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Things Have Changed

As Brainstorm Media approaches our 20th anniversary in the media production business, I find myself reflecting on the changes in technology and techniques we use to reach audiences. When Brainstorm Media started, TV stations were taking BETA tapes, we were editing on a “huge” 200 GB Avid system, and YouTube … Continue Reading →

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Going Pro with Action Cameras!

GoPro cameras: you’re just as likely to see them on movie sets as you are on the helmet of some pre-teen rolling down your street on a skateboard. They are not the perfect camera, but they are the perfect tool for a variety of different situations.  There are a lot … Continue Reading →

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Trained Ears

Listening… Listening carefully. Audio tells half the story in our business as content providers, and it happens to be my passion. And just like choosing the proper lens for a video shoot, or using the latest graphic treatment in video post, there are a few simple things you can do … Continue Reading →

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A Moving Lens

I love a moving lens. I am always amazed how a small camera move can bring such depth and emotion to a production. When planning a shot my first thoughts are about where the Director wants the lens to travel and what camera/lens controls we need to achieve the desired … Continue Reading →

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Production: Planning Your Shoot vs. On-The-Fly Recording

Every project is unique, but sometimes we categorize video shoots into a couple of different types, “Run’n’Gun” and “Planned-out.” Run’n’Gun Run’n’Gun is slang for a video shoot that is expected to acquire a lot of material in a short amount of time without elaborate setups. This can result from a … Continue Reading →

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