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Knowing your audience


Before we start a new project with a client one of the first questions we ask them is, “Who’s your audience?” Who will view this video or use this media? The answers to these questions lead to the way we approach the project. We like to know as much about … Continue Reading →

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Things Have Changed


As Brainstorm Media approaches our 20th anniversary in the media production business, I find myself reflecting on the changes in technology and techniques we use to reach audiences. When Brainstorm Media started, TV stations were taking BETA tapes, we were editing on a “huge” 200 GB Avid system, and YouTube … Continue Reading →

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Excellent Customer Service Is the Lifeblood of Business


Do all businesses and organizations need media content for their marketing efforts? Sure. But many smaller organizations are hesitant because they believe that their production budget isn’t big enough.  To insure a good experience, choose the right production partner and communicate your budget upfront. This allows the maximum collaboration. Your … Continue Reading →

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Cross promotion, sponsorship & partnering with other companies


Mother Teresa once said “I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot: together we can do great things.” Whether you’re carrying out humanitarian work or working to achieve marketing objectives, this is wonderful insight. Cross promotion, or partnership marketing is everywhere these days. Cross promotion is … Continue Reading →

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How changes in media viewing habits impact advertisers


It’s no secret that the way people consume video content is changing.  In 2010, Netflix had 20 million subscribers.  By 2014, they had over 50 million subscribers. 7  Sony owned “Crackle” says they have 18 million viewers per month.8  YouTube has over one billion users, and over 100,000,000 hours of … Continue Reading →

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Maximize Your Budget


“How much does it cost to make a video?” With almost 30 years in the business, I have heard this question more times than I can count. But because each video is made to order, a better question might be, “How much (or what kind of) video can I make … Continue Reading →

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The Power of a Story


In the introduction of How to Tell A Story, his free e-book, author Donald Miller says: “…the world is beginning to understand that entire cultures are being shaped by the story tellers, and business leaders, pastors and parents are starting to wonder how they can incorporate more stories into their communication methodology.” And … Continue Reading →

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