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Adventures with Professor Highlander

He will lead you through the jungle, a haunted house, to the bottom of the sea and to the top of the mountains. He’s here to guide you safely through the experience of automobile shopping. He’s Professor Highlander, the mascot for Toyota Direct of Columbus, and Brainstorm has made him the … Continue Reading →

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Super Production!

When the biggest dealer in town wants to be in the biggest game of the year, they teamed up with Brainstorm Media. We were honored to have the opportunity to help our client share their message during the largest television event of the year. This year, an estimated 111.9 million … Continue Reading →

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Going Pro with Action Cameras!

GoPro cameras: you’re just as likely to see them on movie sets as you are on the helmet of some pre-teen rolling down your street on a skateboard. They are not the perfect camera, but they are the perfect tool for a variety of different situations. ┬áThere are a lot … Continue Reading →

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