The Power of a Story

In the introduction of How to Tell A Story, his free e-book, author Donald Miller says:

“…the world is beginning to understand that entire cultures are being shaped by the story tellers, and business leaders, pastors and parents are starting to wonder how they can incorporate more stories into their communication methodology.”

And in our constantly connected, “show me” world, video is one of the best tools available to tell the story of your business. Whether a 15 second TV commercial, a 3 minute vignette about an inspirational person within your company, or a 30 minute documentary, presenting your message in story form can help you connect with your audience and target market.

Here’s a thought exercise: Think of a commercial that has resonated with you.  It may be a commercial that aired during a football game or a Hollywood awards show.  It likely tells a story.  It has a main character who is facing a problem which is addressed by the end of the commercial.  Even something as straight forward as a car commercial tells a story:

  1. The main character (the dealership owner or spokesperson),
  2. Has a problem (too many cars on the lot which they need to sell),
  3. And sets out to solve the problem (by offering great deals to encourage consumers to buy them)

When it comes to branding a business, consider how important “origin stories” are to the identity of some companies.  KFC has their secret family recipe–as do Jack Daniels, Bush Beans, and Cane’s Chicken.  What about hospitals that have been “serving your family” since 18–?  Or Michael Dell, who started Dell Computers in his parent’s garage.  Steve Jobs did the same.   Telling the story of your business can help establish credibility to your consumers. It can give consumers a sense of who you are, why you started, and what you hope to achieve.

Video is an excellent tool for conveying these origin stories.  While writing is an excellent medium, video lets the viewers see and feel like they are experiencing the story.  In an article on INC, marketing expert Paul Smith said, “People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. A nameless, faceless corporation with no real purpose, no story, is not an inspiring place to be.”  A video that helps tell your story can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers–which is just a fancy way of saying “people.”

At Brainstorm Media, we understand how much influence your business’ origin is to where you are today.  In the late 90s, Ron Thielman  was working as a production coordinator at a TV station when he saw the need for quality local video production.  He and a friend rented an apartment, began promoting their new company, and through a lot of hard work, late nights and coffee, Brainstorm Media, Inc. was born.  We have grown in size, but our primary goal is still to provide high quality video, audio and event production to our customers, whether they are a large corporation employing thousands of people, or a one-person shop introducing their product to the world.   So check us out–we’d love to help you tell your story.


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